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                       Diplomat Auto Insurance

The Sunrise Group, incorporated in 1994, has been providing Insurance programs to meet the needs of our International customers. We are a an independent insurance agency (licensed in most of the continental US) specializing in programs (including auto / car insurance )for individuals and groups who are stationed, working, relocating, living and traveling throughout the United States including but not limited to Embassy, Mission, Consulate Personnel, DiplomatsG4 Visa Holders, L1/L2 Visa Holders, and visiting International Military & NATO personnel.

Your International|Foreign drivers license and full history is accepted and utilized.

Auto Insurance Program Highlight :

***As an existing or newly arrived Expat, Diplomat, Military person, or other Non – US citizen here in the U.S., you most likely do not have a U.S. driving record. As such, most insurance companies consider you to be a new driver, having no record upon which to base their premium. This translates to significantly higher rates and surcharges for you and/or your family - as opposed to a U.S. citizen with a similar background. Our program does not - Our preferred carrier treats and rates you based on the experience you have from your home country.



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